Hello there. In today’s video we’ll be talking about cryptocurrency signal finder part 2 reason I’m doing this video is it was my most suggested patreon video as you can see here we had five votes for part two not much love for order flow part 3 and reading only two votes suppose so specifically what we be doing today is I went down to here and I found that one of my patrons had mentioned that he wanted a cryptocurrency signal finder on trading view for breakout trading.

So what I mean doing today is talking about a way that you can screen coins for breakouts and then how to trade directly into those breakouts with proper risk management alright so let’s get started so the first thing that you want to do and again you can just pause the video in any one of these right here as you can see because I’m not gonna be spending a lot of time on this so you probably should just posit view here but first let me explain what these are.

So the first thing you want to do is choose your exchange and then go into one day then you want to look for coins that have a moving average rating of by or strong by oh that’s pretty you just hit this and you get these.

The reason I say these well you want to find a change percent of around minus five to ten percent this is just how much percent changes happen in the past day you don’t want to see one when we’re trading into a breakout or trading it into a consolidation.

We don’t want to see a crazy change percent of like 30 percent we don’t really want to buy that because if we do that’s not to say that the market won’t continue going upward it might in it probably will if it’s already moved up 30 percent but how much more it will move upward it is a bit into question and especially a good risk reward is probably not going to be available to you if you’re directly buying into a trend that’s up thirty percent and it hasn’t consolidated retraced soon.

I mean recently that’s probably not a great trade to make so that’s why you want to look for for trade for coins that haven’t really made massive gains recently but maybe just slight gains or slight losses and you don’t really want to see coins that have dropped a lot in value in the past day because that could be a sign of continuation of a bearish move again.

We want the average directional index to be around 15 to 30 the 25 is the threshold for a trend so what that means is that when the ADX crosses above 25 typically that indicates that a new trend is forming when the ADX crosses below 25 typically that indicates that either a weak retracement or consolidation is occurring when we get an ATX of around 15 to 30 that could mean either the markets consolidating or the markets moving into a new trend.

Both of those our markets that we would likely want to trade so that’s why we want to see these values here so let’s do exactly that okay so we see all these moving averages that are strong bias so these are already on our radar these are they have AD axes of around 15 to 30 so these look like very good candidates as well let’s look at the change percent these this.d change percent to fall into a radar as well this one does not v RC BT C up 23% does not fall into our radar so we probably want to be trading this guy so yeah so we have these in mind you can write these down and you can you know these coins here you just keep them mind keep like two or three of them nine and then just searching here when we go into the next thing here so with those coins in mind what you want to do for an entry is on the one-hour time frame we want to only look at coins that pass our 1d screening so imagine you’re like a TSA agent and the one day using these indicators here with with these rules this is what you’re gonna let through and we only want look at coins that have been led through it we don’t want to look at coins that have not been passed through the screening so we see these coins so for example look let’s take a look at X p.m.

BTC and XM r BTC as well so X p.m. XO p look like they leave your comments that’s fine okay so X p.m. now let’s just go in the Lauer and see how this coin looks okay so we have this information here this is probably not fantastic and let me show you guys exactly why we want to look for a Nasser oscillator reading of a by so we have that here with X p.m. PT see we don’t really care too much about the moving averages rating on the 1-hour we care about on the one day but in the one hour we want to see coins that are again moving sideways are moving downward if it’s a moving averages rating of a by typically that means that the markets already moving upward so we don’t really want to be trading a market that’s already moving upward we want to capture that move before it happens so going off of this we want to look for an EDX rating below 25 we want to see that the coin is consolidating or retracing after a powerful up move with the one day being in the uptrend I don’t really see that here I see a very high a DX so this isn’t really something that I want to trade so cat XMR this is just how you do it you would just look for multiple coins and look at their ad X’s perfect awesome the ADX here is eighteen point five eight that is below twenty five meaning that the coin is probably consolidating after a very strong move that’s just what I’m gathering from this information here let’s actually look at XMR BTC so x mark BTC yep we have a strong move and then we have consolidation just as the single filer had pointed out resistance resistance support support minor support minor support you know minor resistance here potential minor resistance then I see there this would be a trade that we could take but let’s look let’s look a little bit deeper into the other values here as well so I don’t really want to put a rule for volatility and that’s the indicator that you see right here that’s six point one eight percent we go back to this guy high volatility above 10% typically indicates the price is breaking out or has made a very strong move recently whereas low volatility of around 0 to 10 typically indicates just consolidation or a weak retracement the volatility here is only six point one eight which is good that means that the market again in the very short term is probably just moving sideways not much momentum upward not much momentum downward.

We don’t want to see really either if we’re trying to trade a breakout before it occurs or right before or right when it occurs actually so this does pass that threshold here this does pass a reading here plus the I must be higher than minus yet this means that there must be more bullish momentum than there is bearish momentum now let’s take a look at that as well yep so we have the plus T is barely higher than the minus TI you probably want to see a higher difference between these this would mean that the bearish momentum is just about almost as high as the bullish momentum in the recent past as you can see here I think that can be indicated by by this right there this right here they’re just about equal width with slightly more bullish momentum on the hourly with these guys but regardless this does pass all of the tests for for buying into a breakout xxm rbtc one thing that I do have to say is that I’m not condoning with anyone to buy or sell any of these instruments all that I’m talking about here is the indicator itself and the screening that you’re doing for these coins but I’m not telling you guys to buy X Mar BTC of course I could say that I’m I myself might buy but I know I can’t tell you guys would not be good say okay buy here that is not what I am doing yeah so this all checks out I myself might buy here in the way that I would do that now they’re there to be thirty two ways one I could target a minor retracement after it passed on the screening tests you know a minor retracement could be anything like on a 1-hour well it already did his sixty one point eight there’s C go but I’m really minor retracement that you could target as well will be something like this you know like try to trade the sixty one point eight around three fourteen – yeah then just put a buy order here or slightly below there and then maybe put your risk put your stop-loss right there so that would be a risk reward if we were to buy and you know like there let me a risk reward of just about like four point five percent loss and then the target would probably just be a Fibonacci extension upward that’s how I personally would probably do it but I also wrote in how you can do it using the single fighter as well so I would probably just target that level there it’s it’s the one point six point eight extension of consolidation on this market move and that that reward would actually be about a three point one fourth to that reward would be about yeah looks to be about a 10% reward so that’d be in 10% reward a 4.5% risk with that beby a rich reward ratio a risk reward ratio think of like two point like one or two point two which is definitely a good risk reward ratio to have we want to have a risk reward ratio that’s greater than one we don’t want to have a we don’t want to be risking more they were in our potential reward so this would be a candidate for a trade for sure and one last thing exit question work I did talk about how I would possibly exit this using Fibonacci’s but another way you can just exit using TA would be to use this one again you can you can use this method on the one day or the one hour it’s completely your choice you’re going to want to find an oscillator reading of a strong sell this is going to indicate that the trend is overbought across multiple indicate across multiple oscillators and if multiple oscillators are overbought typically that’s a pretty bad sign for the trend to move higher so that’s that’s a possible exit sell immediately kind of thing or put a limit order slightly above price to try to get out of that trade also I said if minus G I ever gets larger than the plus D I wouldn’t use as more than one day though and then 1h this would mean that more bearish momentum is entering the market than bullish momentum when these crossovers occur and if you’ve ever traded DM i directional movement index you would see that when that quick bearish momentum occurs and then the minus di crosses over the plus TI that could signal a full-on reversal for the market so that could be another way that you could exit this and again the final way that you could X to the trade probably not the way you’d want to exit rate is if your stop-loss below support gets hit no one likes to take a loss but not putting a stop loss when you’re when you’re trading any method can be near suicidal especially when trading all coins that can just you know like drop many percents very quickly so this is the not so fun part the stop-loss part but it’s just something you have to do because if you don’t you know you could you can really get trapped into a position that you don’t want to be trapped in a position of and also if you do take a loss you can just go right back to the signal finder reevaluate your method look for more coins to trade and then find another profitable setup and then you can just trade that set up instead and get into a coin that’s already in an uptrend you know buying a consolidation and then you’ll probably easily make up you know the loss that you just add if you just keep a clear head so yeah so I think that’s going to be a we went over how you can screen for the up trim in the one day time frame and finally how you can screen for an entry one more thing on the one date but you probably want to do to start off with this when you look at these coins that do check off all the boxes like fifteen to thirty here like X p.m.

And you also can trade the buy as well it doesn’t just have to be a strong but you probably want to look up these in trading view to begin with just to see what they look like in the market so Omni USD I’m just gonna look at that and let’s see how many Bitcoin because this is just calculate on my trading view so this is indicated as a potential trade and I’m glad that it was indicated as that on the one day because I see a strong up mu with a very weak down move price is having a harder time moving lower prices having a much easier time moving higher this is likely to mean the price is gonna have a much easier time continuing higher right here typically that’s what’s occurring also we have some more long-term consolidation here on the daily looks very strange there’s a very weird daily chart I’ve really seen one that looks like this but regardless this does look like the beginning of a potential uptrend and that’s why I think this was alerted right here on the USD was labeled as a buy for the moving averages because the uptrend might be beginning and that’s why it was labeled that way so that yeah so it has a grade a TX as well and here the plus T is higher than the minus di this is the daily and again just one last example to send you guys away look Omni Omni BTC on the 1-hour yep so we have a buy in a neutral through all centers reading that is good we have a very low ATX that’s that’s okay we yeah we do want an ATX below 25 an ATX that load does mean that a lot of momentum has not occurred in the past but if you do like training breakouts in training the very beginning of a trade of a trend and this is a really good EDX for you because this could signal the very beginning of an uptrend but this is not great equal di is is probably not what you want to see this is a little bit prettier plus T is higher than – dia and you get that you get these as well so I’m knee USD and Omni BTC would probably be would probably be a good trade to make you know stop-loss plus support for potential risk of like if you put your fighter by order and support here stop-loss below support is a lot about like 11 like 11 percent and then you can target a potential gain using again using these same things for screen for an exit you could potential I mean your your gain can be quite large from this as you can see and again if your risk is quite high like 12% loss then you just all you need to do is just adjust your capital relative to risk so for what I mean by that is.

If you’re trading a coin like Bitcoin that’s that’s you know just completely vacuum exactly or if you’re treating clean like Bitcoin that your potential risk your loss could be like 4 percent you could just trade it through with your normal amount of capital but if you’re trading all coin that has a stop loss of around 12 percent you don’t want to be trading with a normal about of trading of a capital e trade with you could trade with 1/2 or 1/3 and then you’re having a little bit less exposure to a massive loss so yeah you can just the risk reward I mean the actual percents don’t matter like this is a minus 12 percent stop-loss that’s heavy that’s a lot but you would just be trading with less capital and then your actual and your your exposure would actually be a little bit smaller than than usual so yeah so you just have to adjust your risk accordingly to your methods okay so that is going to be good for this video we have gone over the full way of how you can breakouts how you can trade in to consolidation how you can trade weak retracements basically just to put this in like a too long didn’t read kind of context look for look for a coin that’s that’s in an uptrend look for the coin in an uptrend on the one daily on the Wendy then look for coin on the one hour that is either week we’re tracing kind of like looks exactly like that week retracing or is moving sideways in consolidation both are fine once you see that that is the current you want to make sure that other factors are met like a DX and volatility in plus TI minus TI if those factors are met then you know set your buy order ready and you can enter the treatment and that’s basically the strategy for for trading breakouts or continuations of a trend alright if you guys enjoyed this video then feel free to check out my patreon and if you guys ever want to suggest more videos or vote on something I’m more than happy to to take your videos idea video ideas and make them into a reality so yeah that’s gonna be it and have a great day or night depending on where you are

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